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Rissa's Christmas Tale

This feel-good holiday book introduces happy Rissa, a right whale calf who is excited about Christmas. Rissa loses some of her holiday cheer when she gets a scrape on her large tail. Her mom comes to the rescue, bandages the tail, and covers the bandage with a beautiful bow. Rissa quickly cheers up and can keep her holiday plans, including going to her first Christmas party. Rissa's holiday is saved! Through the rhyme, we get to know the sweet North Atlantic right whale Rissa in a light-hearted way, though adults may choose to use the book to discuss our world's real-life, endangered right whales with some children. Today, many kind people work hard to save whales from boat strikes, entanglement, and other issues affecting their survival. It is important that children learn to appreciate the ocean's magnificent animals, such as right whales, so that they can develop a desire to protect them.

Amazing Sea Animals of Cape Cod and The Islands

This fun activity book blocks boredom and is perfect for sea-loving children! It is packed with whale, turtle, seal, shark and dolphin activities to draw, read, color, and design.

Far more than coloring and activities, the book also features fun, educational facts about amazing ocean animals. Kids will discover what baby whales and dolphins are called, how some sea animals are similar to humans, which sea turtles live in the Northern Atlantic, and much more.





Magic Carousel

This enchanting book is based on the beautiful carousel at Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Craftsman Charles Loof built the wooden carousel by hand in 1908. Children and adults continue to enjoy this brightly painted ride today.

The text of is based on Margie McMahon’s longer children’s poem about this special, wooden carousel. The poem and original artwork will be on display at Heritage Museum’s gallery during summer and fall of 2019. The author wrote both the poem and board book, published later in summer 2019, in honor of Heritage's 50th anniversary. 



Rissa the Right Whale: Friends Helping Friends

This delightfully illustrated book follows determined, young whale calf Rissa on her first adventure away from her mom. Meet Rissa’s friends, including her favorite seagull, a seal herd, and three special leatherback turtles. After reading, feel free to impress your friends with cool scientific facts about incredible sea animals.