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Magic Carousel

The photo at left shows the artist and the author of the board book Magic Carousel. The poem below and its artwork were featured in a Sandwich Arts Alliance Exhibit at the Town Hall in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod. The poem, written about the carousel at Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, MA and the art based on the poem have moved on to Heritage's art gallery for exhibit through December 2019.


The Original Poem That Inspired the Children's Board Book:

Magic Carousel by Margie McMahon

Perfectly painted ponies
on polished brass poles, gliding up and down
spinning ‘round in remembered place
Prancing, Galloping, Jumping

Jeweled king horse
in shining silvery armor, gliding up and down
gallantly leading the way ‘round the gold, mirrored platform
Prancing, Galloping, Jumping

Black, white, gray and brown horses
with flowing manes, swinging long silky tails, gliding up and down
ritually turning ‘round, hooves flying and music pounding
Prancing, Galloping, Jumping

Glorious, antique treasure
in the beautiful shadow of centuries past, gliding up and down
running ‘round and ‘round through summer days and winter nights
amidst nature in bloom and gardens aglow
Prancing, Galloping, Jumping

Well-loved Magic Carousel, carved by master craftsman Looff
at home in its glass-enclosed pagoda
slowing to a gentle stop before we are ready
Prancing, Galloping, Jumping

In our memories ‘til next time.

Copyright 2019 by Margie McMahon

No part of this poem or its art may be copied or reproduced in any way without written permission from the author.